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About Us

In the Beginning:

Beginning back in 1973 my first gig was spinning tunes for the Lake Vista Park teen dances. They packed 300 kids into a hall built for 150. The media then was mostly 45 rpm vinyl. There was hardly a song that went full play without skipping a few times as the teens danced the night away. The sound system then was a pair of Traynor column speakers and a booming 25 watt amplifier. I think there was more distortion than sound. But the music was great and the audience loved what I played. So spun off adult dances at the park and then weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, New Years, Christmas and so on. I became booked every weekend and had to turn down more gigs than I could do. So expansions was in the cards but records made it difficult. My brother started with me in the 80s and the two of us kept really busy. Technology evolved and cassettes seemed like a viable medium for expansion, with the new decks having music search capabilities. The first attempt at expansion failed miserably as I did not really think what was important and just pushed out DJs with little training. So came to an end of my first attempt at expansion. Back to the drawing board.

The Growing Years:

After careful thought of what made a great DJ I refocused my attention on hiring the right person for my expansion. Based on personality I found the right candidate after months of searching. Now to train him properly, giving him lots of exposure to the job, the music and the people. Then providing him with lists of music rated by dance popularity based on my years of experience. He was a hit! Slowly over the next number of years I searched for and found more candidates for the job. Technology also helped by providing the CD and more importantly, the recordable CD. Now we could make our own music compilations and even pre-make perfectly mixed sets of music.  Again technology evolved and digital music took over allowing us to carry all our music on a hard drive and instantly search for and find requested songs as well as compatible genre and beats per minute to allow us to hone our mixing skills.

Where we're going:

Over the years I have strove to keep our sound systems up to date and to stay with the latest technology. We will continue to do so and provide the very best service that our customers have come to expect over the past 30 years. 

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