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DJs Who Care

Our DJs are committed to providing exactly what you want. You benefit from the experience of a team rather than a single operator.

Music Tailored For Your Event

Music Selection designed for you and your audience.

Your Vision is our Vision.

From a basic event with just music to a full lighting system, you decide. Peace of mind with backup personnel on call.

Optional - Karaoke Host

Library of over 6000 songs with the best classics and latest hits.

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Durham Region's Most Experienced and Trusted DJ Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- What kind of sound equipment do you have? Do you bring backup equipment just in case something happens to the other equipment?

We use professional PA systems. Our powered speakers are Mackie®  or EV brand with 1000 watts in each cabinet. We carry backup equipment in case of a failure, and we also have an emergency DJ on call to either fill in or bring out more equipment if necessary. Our digital players and mixers are either American DJ® or Numark.

2- Do you use CDs or a computer?

We primarily use a digital player designed specifically for DJs. We use a unit called a Numark D2 Director. In addition, we carry a laptop with DJ software for backup.

3- If we have certain songs that we want played for specific dances with people, and you don't have them, do you purchase them, or do we?

Chances are we have them and would bring them. If not, we will make every effort to get them. If they are obscure material that we do not have or cannot get, we will ask that you provide them.

4- If we have certain songs that we want, but you don't have them and we do, can we bring them the night of the reception and lend them to you for that time?

Yes, depending on how much material you are providing. Some people have asked to provide us with the entire music list for the night. Generally we do not do pre-programmed events. You are hiring a DJ for their expertise on selecting the right music for your audience. We do welcome your input as to style and recommend no more than 15 must play requests . Requests will be taken only if you have specified that they may be.

5- Would you personally be the DJ for the night, or do you have someone else providing those services? If you get sick or just can't make it the night of the reception for any reason, do you have a back-up DJ?

Best Music has multiple DJs that work for us. All equipment and music is provided by Best Music so we can maintain a consistent quality of service. We always have an emergency on-call DJ -- usually me. I am accessible by phone whenever we have bookings. We have standard party DJs and wedding professionals.

6- How many times before the night of the wedding do we have to meet to go over things?

Generally, when you book with Best Music Services, you start with a meeting with me. You go over what you want, and I will explain what we do. I will pass this info on to the DJ assigned. About 1 month before the booking, he will contact you to go over your songs and the timing of events. He will also make suggestions based on our experience on how best to handle certain events.

7- If possible, we would like to hear what your sound system sounds like before the wedding date. We’ve been to receptions where the DJ services didn't have a good system at all. You could barely hear the music because it sounded all distorted.

Our sound systems are kept up to date and provide crystal clear sound. We never over-drive our speakers. Contact us and we can provide a location where one of our people are performing.

8- Do you also MC the reception? Some do and some don't. This would be after our MC does his thing. You would announce special dances/songs, speeches, etc.

We can MC if you want us to and normally announce the special events after the dinner.

9- Do you provide a wedding reception planner?We use a standard wedding planner we provide to you after booking. Our DJ will go through a comprehensive interview with you prior to your event to review this planning information.

10- Do you come to my home to go over the details of the event?

The DJ will arrange to meet with you at an agreed-upon Durham Region location.

11- Have you received any formal training as a DJ?We have more than 25 years’ experience and have done thousands of dances. I train all my people.

12- What are your rates?

Use our convenient eForm to ask about rates.

13- Are you registered with any professional organizations?

We are members of the Canadian Online Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) and are registered through them.

14- Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau?

We’re a member of CODJA but not the Chamber of Commerce. We are also members of Certified Disc Jockeys which holds a standard for professional DJ companies.

15- What time would you arrive at the hall to set up your equipment?In the local area, whatever time you want us. Outside the local area, we would arrive about 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

16- Do you wear a suit and tie?

Either a suit and tie or a jacket and tie.

17- How many songs do you have in your library of music?

We carry 20,000 + songs in our standard set. Note we do not carry entire albums, only hits. People only dance to music they know, so why carry music they don't know? We can accommodate any special requirement you might have. Our standard library is put together from requests we’ve received throughout our years in business. We keep our library up to date, adding some 100 songs every month.

18- Would we get a chance to look at your library before the wedding day? Would we be able to let you know basically what types of music we want and what we don't want?

Check out our Music page; our listing is on it. We welcome your input as to music selection - it is part of your online planning page.

19- Do you offer a wireless mic for speeches, etc?

Yes, our DJs carry a digital wireless microphone, and their use is included in our rates.

20- Do you/would you provide cocktail/dinner music? And if so, is there an additional cost, or is it just the additional $70.00 per hour?

If it is within your booked time, it is included. Otherwise, it is $70.00 per hour.

21- Do you offer basic lighting effects with this package? Do you offer one at all?

We have everything from up-lighting, custom Gobos, intelligent dance floor lighting, lasers, mirror ball effect, bubble machines and low-lying fog. All our lighting and effects are available as separately-priced options or included in our various packages.

22- Are there any additional charges, like for setup or travel?

Not in the local area.

23- Is your price all inclusive?


24- Do you provide a written contract and guarantee?

We provide a written agreement including the name of your DJ and their contact information.We guarantee our services and we have never missed a booking in 30 years of service.

25- Do you DJ full-time or is this just a weekend job?This is a full-time business for me. I have been doing it longer than any DJ service in the area.

26- How many years of experience do you have as a disc jockey?

I have been in business since 1973. My DJs range in experience from 20 years to more than 5 years. My DJs also go through special training for weddings.

27- Are you able to handle requests? Do you have a reliable indexing system so you can respond to requests at a moment’s notice?

All our music is catalogued for the DJ by artist and title. We can retrieve and get a song cued in seconds. Our digital systems are fully searchable and allow us to setup playlists for every event.

28-You had said in your email that you send out appraisals after all your dances and that they always come back saying either “excellent” or “very good.” Could I request to see some of those appraisals?

You may go through all my appraisals. Some are available on our Testimonials Page.

29- Do you request a down payment on your services, or do you want to be paid in full?

Deposit is $75.00 and would be returned to me with a copy of the agreement.

30- Do you offer payment plans for your services?

You can make payments if you like, as long as the balance is paid by the date of the booking. We have had people give us 4 or 5 post-dated cheques to cover the balance.

31- Why are your rates so much lower than other DJs?

People think that because they pay more they will get a superior service. Our sound systems are more current and of a higher quality than most other services, and our DJs have more experience than most. The truth is that most DJ companies price their service high because people are willing to pay it. Some DJ companies setup intricate lighting systems or video screens, this is included in their fees.

32- Can I meet the DJ prior to booking? What if we have a clash of personalities? Can I request a different DJ?

Generally you meet your DJ about a month prior to your event. All my DJs are hired based on personality. They have to be the type of person who immediately makes people feel comfortable. They are professional and are there to do what you request of them. There will not be a personality clash. We don’t hire “egos.” If you want to speak with the DJ prior to booking, we can arrange for him to call you and discuss your concerns.

33- How do I choose the right DJ?

Best Music Services has been providing great DJ music in the Durham and surrounding regions since 1973. We focus on your music tastes in order to custom-tailor the music selection to your audience.

Most people who contact us for DJ services first ask "how much?" Unfortunately, this habit is a disaster just waiting to happen. Price is absolutely no indication of how good or bad a DJ is. Quite a number of people who contact me feel that one DJ is as good as the other. This couldn't be further from the truth.

A DJ in the business for, say, 5 years can purchase the best music and lighting systems available. But if he has only been doing dances for teenagers, he has no frame of reference for playing for an older audience. Try tuning your radio to a station with music you really dislike and imagine having that as the music for your event. For some DJs, that music is all they normally play.

 On the other hand, some long-time DJs are stuck in a rut. They have a choice selection of music that is popular most of the time, and they stick with it. They don't like the music of today and therefore don't buy any of it. Their equipment has been performing well for the past 20 years, so they see no need to update it. These DJs also may have no concept of the newer methods of mixing techniques.


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