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DJs Who Care

Our DJs are committed to providing exactly what you want. You benefit from the experience of a team rather than a single operator.

Music Tailored For Your Event

Music Selection designed for you and your audience.

Your Vision is our Vision.

From a basic event with just music to a full lighting system, you decide. Peace of mind with backup personnel on call.

Optional - Karaoke Host

Library of over 6000 songs with the best classics and latest hits.

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Durham Region's Most Experienced and Trusted DJ Service

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Our Music

It's one thing to have a library of a 100,000 songs but it takes the skill of an experienced DJ to select just the right ones to get your audience on the dance floor.

Imagine tuning your radio to a station with music you don't really like and having that music at your party! With little experience, that is all some DJ services will provide.

The other important skill that your DJ needs is the knowledge of what songs go together well and will keep the dance floor interested. You can take the same list of great songs but without this knowledge or experience and you might as well plug in an ipod and set to random.

Below you can search our music database for your favorites. If you don't see your song in this list, let us know what it is and we will ensure we have it for your event.
Also below you will find a list of DJ Intelligence's Top 200 requested songs, updated regularily and taken from thousands of event requests. Note the list is for reference only, your music will be selected according to you and your audience's tastes:





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