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DJs Who Care

Our DJs are committed to providing exactly what you want. You benefit from the experience of a team rather than a single operator.

Music Tailored For Your Event

Music Selection designed for you and your audience.

Your Vision is our Vision.

From a basic event with just music to a full lighting system, you decide. Peace of mind with backup personnel on call.

Optional - Karaoke Host

Library of over 6000 songs with the best classics and latest hits.

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Durham Region's Most Experienced and Trusted DJ Service

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How to Hire a Good DJ

It’s good to be educated on a topic if you’re going to make informed choices. At Best Music Services, we’d like to make some suggestions about what a good, professional DJ service does and doesn’t do. Wondering what to look for in a DJ?
Find out:

1. Music Selection – A good service maintains current music by subscribing to DJ
music services and keeps a good selection of past music by experiencing what
works with a variety of age groups. A professional really listens to what you want
to hear and what you don't want to hear. Best Music Services has more than 90%
of the music requested. We use ERG Nu Music Traxx and Xentendamix.

2. Sound Systems – Poor sound systems can offset the fact that the DJ and the music
selection is good. Make sure equipment the DJ uses is current and a recognizable
name for DJ work. Make sure the system has sufficient power for your event. Best
Music Services uses Mackie® and Bose speaker systems.

3. Music Media – Most of today’s DJs use a digital system. Some use a laptop,
while others use dedicated devices for digital media. Best Music Services uses
Numark D2 Director, Numark iDJ2 and/or DENON MC6000 with Virtual DJ

4. Backup – Problems can occur with any electronic device, as well as the human
device. Make sure your prospective DJ company has backup equipment available
and a backup DJ on call in case something happens. Think of your event with no
music. Ensure that there will be someone answering the phone on the night of
your event. Best Music Service has been in business for more than 30 years and
has never had a no-show or non-recoverable equipment failure.

5. Personable DJ – When meeting with your DJ company, look for one that takes
your personal interests to heart. Avoid egocentric DJs or anyone insensitive to
your needs. A professional DJ is working for you and strives to align with your
vision of how you want your event to happen. Best Music Services DJs are hired
based on personality -- they are the type of people you instantly feel comfortable
with. They really listen to you.

6. References – Any DJ who does regular events should have recent appraisals of
their performance. Question any comments on the appraisal that are of a negative
nature. Don’t be afraid to contact references if even just to verify that the
appraisal is a reliable one. Best Music Services provides testimonials on our
website and you are welcome to request contact info for any of them.

7. Agreements – Make sure you get an agreement containing all the specifics about
your event, including rates. Too many DJ companies just book events by word of
mouth and then show no commitment to your event. Verify that all information is
correct on your agreement, and review the fine print.

8. Planning – Some events, such as weddings, require a number of steps to be put in
place for the evening to flow the way you imagine. Your selected DJ company
should provide you with a planning tool. Schedule a meeting with the DJ who will
be at your event and go over the tool. Best Music Services use DJ Intelligence®
online planning tools and provides ecopies of Wedding Toasts Made Easy by Tom Haibeck.

9. Hidden Extras – Be wary of DJ companies who charge extra for things like
wireless microphones or MC services. All costs should be outlined in your

10. Extras – If you are looking for extras such as lighting, bubbles, smoke, karaoke,
etc.; make sure the costs are outlined clearly. Also, for extras like bubbles and
smoke, make sure your venue allows these effects. Don’t assume that your DJ
company can provide the effects you want -- ask. Also make sure that you are not
paying for effects -- such as lighting -- that you do not want.

11. Provided DJs – Make sure you investigate all your options when it comes to
selecting a DJ for your event. Prior to using the DJ the hall provides, research the
service that will be provided, as well as alternatives. Most DJs included in the
venue’s package are there because they pay a commission to the venue, not
necessarily because they offer the best service.

12. Affiliations and Insurance – We are members of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey
Association and are fully insured.

13. Comfort Zone – Finally, when it comes to hiring a DJ company: if all of the
above considerations seem good, go with what feels right to you.

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